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The Farm Shop behind the post box is OPEN for cash sales or contactless 
We keep bees for pollination, use no sprays or pesticides and farm in a way to support nature. 
Many butterflies, birds and wildlife make their home in the low impact orchard.
And find us at East Dean Market on Wednesday mornings 10-2pm
Our own blend of Worcester Permain, Cox's Orange, James Grieve, Charles Ross and Bramley Seedling Apples make full flavoured medium dry juices.  There are no additives or sugar other than a small quantity of Vitamin C as a preservative.  Apple Juice £4.50 a litre. Apple & Pear Juice at £4.50. 
Jams:The ancient Mulberry tree still produces many kilograms of fruit despite falling over in the winter floods of 2001.  We produce Mulberry, Damson, Quince Marmelade, Pershore Plum, Blackberry Elderberry and Sloe Vodka Jams all at £4.50.   If we have a warm dry Spring we can make a Cherry Plum Jam which is wonderfully fragrant but unfortunately rare!  
Chutneys: Chilli, Mango and Apple, Mulberry and Apple Chutneys all at £4.00.  No garlic, salt, or additives are added to the chutney. The Mango and Apple is a great taste.
Mulberry Vinegar: Our 400 year old Mulberry tree produces a great taste Mulberry vinegar.  100ml bottle is £4.50 and 200ml is £9. Try on salads, as a dipping vinegar with olive oil and even on a fruit salad